Estuary (মোহনা)

Most of the country’s water flows into the Bay of Bengal through Chandpur and its regions. As a result, during the monsoon, the Meghna River becomes dangerous. Due to the Meghna river’s erosion, surrounding areas, trees, homes, and croplands have submerged in water and are lost. Due to climate change, the districts in the southern part of Bangladesh are at risk. The island villages in the middle of the river have no hospitals and no roads. Heavy rain during the monsoon, the tidal river water rises into the locality. Then many houses were destroyed by the river. Every year many people lose their homes and move from one place to another. The people residing near the riverbank, their culture, livelihood, business, daily work, bathing, playing, and every other activity in this locality are attached to this river. As the seasons change, the nature of the river changes, and so does its surroundings. The story capture the struggles, hopes, and daily lives of the people along this region’s rivers. As a witness I am constantly trying to capture the image of what I am observing deeply